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A lot of emotion in FIFA 16 are driven by scoring

Scoring in FIFA 16 helps drive a lot of the game's emotion, of course, and scoring gets a lot of help this year with new momentum-based ball physics. Defenders and the goalkeeper will get in the way of more shots, but their rebounds will be less predictable and more apt to bounce further away. In past editions, the absence of momentum meant balls would stop dead and fall to the earth once they hit something; that made it easy for the defense to take possession of missed shots, and thus shot opportunities were almost too precious. The chance to get a second bite at the apple is nice, knowing the scoring chance I so carefully created doesn't go entirely to waste if I can keep the ball low and try to play a rebound.
It seems like only yesterday that we were busy reviewing FIFA 16 and yet here we are already a season further with the latest title on our desk. EA have made a lot of bold claims about emotions, better AI, ever better physics models, and vastly improved goalkeeping, but as ever, the first thing that you see is the visual presentation and it's a good place to start. Everything has been given a bit of polish; the menus and interface have the same format as last year, but look sharper. Shiny polishing aside, it's only when the game gets going do you see what EA are rightly so proud of.

Not only that, but other users are reporting success in working the transfer market as if nothing had changed - FIFA forumite “CandyRat” gives an example of purchasing a classic Dennis Bergkamp card on Xbox One for 4,852,000 coins, then immediately flipping and selling him for a BIN price of 5,499,000 a mere six minutes later. The general rule with gaming communities is, if there’s a way to scam the system, they’ll find it. And that’s the lasting impression you’re left with. That while there is a solid football game underneath, the game is so riddled with bugs that it’s hard to recommend the game in its current state. And if the demo is anything to go by then Pro Evolution Soccer looks to finally be ready to challenge for the crown once again.
FIFA 16 was an impressive launch game last fall for next generation consoles. With a little more time under their belt the development team have managed to up-the-ante with FIFA 16. While the changes may not be as robust as we have seen in previous installments in the franchise, there is no question FIFA 16 has firmly cemented itself as the best soccer game on the planet. The new hub, which is seamless in design, allows you to quickly navigate between game modes as well as keeps you apprised of all the real news (these days, I'll pass). The usual game-play options are aplenty, too. Career mode, tournament mode, online seasons, online friendlies, co-op seasons, skill games and FIFA 16 Ultimate Team are all here.
The English Premier League in FIFA 16 also gets special treatment this time around, why? All 20 EPL stadiums are featured; this means you’ll see a birds eye presentational view of your club before the match starts. If you haven’t already worked it out, I’m personally a big Aston Villa fan, so playing at Villa Park is something I’ve been waiting on now for ages, and a real treat. There was nothing worse and more unrealistic than having to play in the generic Ivy Lane stadium.
Then there is the overall gaming dynamic. It is absolutely essential that one realizes that the AI in the game is far better than in any of the previous titles, from one-on-one shoulder to shoulder challenges, player reactions to tackles and even new celebrations or reactions when you score or miss. The opposing defenders will react to open ball situations, they will push, pull and tug at you. The opposing goalkeeper will chase down a ball, and even come off his line to make a sweeper clearance. Then it is how these goalkeepers perform in one on one situations. The harder your game setting, the better they become. I also want to mention that your own FIFA 16 AI players play like real footballers. They will seek gaps in the opposing team, running in behind them. They will even check your runs and anticipate your angle to lay the ball off. These are not trivial improvements but rather an absolute must to make this game every bit as real as you could get.
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