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Crossing in FIFA 16 is the same as other FIFAs

The main thing with early crosses is the timing while tapping Left Bumper/L1 Trigger. It takes quite a bit of practice because a second too early, or a second too late, may lead to your player being offside or the defenders catching up with you. This tactic is most effective when you have a quick player going against a slow defender. In FIFA 16 crossing is the same as other FIFAs but with one small issue…it is harder to score. (Going to update this with an in depth crossing section for FIFA 16 as it needs the attention. Will remove this when done. With a strong striker with good heading stats you will score more often from crossing. There are ways to cross near post, far post and high and low. You need to know how and when to use each. You can also do an early cross which is very effective holding LB on XBOX or L1 on PlayStation.
The first objective here is to get your player as close to the goal-line as possible. If you’re out on a wing with a single defender tracking you down: ALWAYS GO FOR THIS. As soon as you get past him you’re usually free to run towards the goal-line and the goal itself to set yourself up for this kind of cross. The image below illustrates this approach. As you can see, the Manchester City left defender has just been dribbled past by our crosser here. The player making a slide tackle illustrates how difficult it is to stop a winger who has crossed this estranged outside defender. He has had more than enough time to get to this position we’re talking about.
From here, a driven or grounded cross would either result in a direct goal, a goal from scraps, or a serious chance. If you’re unfamiliar with this kind of tactic, try this out in the practice arena a few times to get the hang of it. To make the crossing buildup more effective, you can do a few things: first, try to have a fast wingers with good crossing stats and a striker who is tall and can head the ball well. Players like Giroud and Benzema are good at heading the ball in. If you are looking to score from crosses, try to have one striker only as it will allow him to be in the box most of the times when you choose to cross.

A great option for full backs and wing backs. Getting the cross in early has many benefits including catching the defenders backtracking and off balance (something that is much more realistic in Fifa 16) and allowing your strikers to nip into the gap between defence and keeper. Not easy to get right by any stretch of the imagination, but with practice can provide goals. The standard “floated” cross option, this will tend to hang in the air quite a bit and is aimed at a tall striker who has good heading attributes to win in the air. A lower trajectory on your cross can be great for players who are still good in the air but don’t have a lot of height, think Javier Hernandez. We suggest playing this kind of cross from the byline rather than taking it early, which increases your chances of deflections in the box or second bites of the cherry.
With passing power assistance set to on and semi or assisted crossing set - double tap (near post lower cross) triple tap (fast ground cross) and normal one tap cross become confused by how long you hold the button and where the strikers are. The computer can’t work out where you are actually wanting to put the ball so locks onto the one it thinks best regardless. Even worse if still holding left stick when pressing cross as after-touch bends it away often. With passing power assistance off all of your passes and crosses go as far as you want them to. So when crossing holding it 3/4 will always be a deep cross. 1/4 near post etc. Regardless of where strikers are. Same for corners. However this also affects your normal passes. Suddenly they might not reach your players in general play as you are controlling the power more. Through balls are affected etc, gives you more control.
Reader who played FIFA 16 will know, with a cross in the FIFA world has been strong to young and old alike are scrambling to use these moves.Cross and straight ball is not the same, straight ball is clearly visible trend teammates up front, while the rival defense players did not move, you can send. The cross is very different, even if it is behind the other players have the action, as long as there is a hint of a breakthrough one second chance to see his teammates can send him a note with a cross.
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