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FIFA 16 sees the women included in the series

FIFA 16 is right around the corner and its most popular mode, Ultimate Team, is likely to once again eat up everyone's time as players desperately try to get those elusive rare cards. We sat down with Ultimate Team creative director Adam Shaikh who shared a few tips to help new FUT 16 players catch up with the competition. At the event, EA announced a host of new legends that will be made available exclusively to Xbox One with FIFA 16. Hardcore fans will be happy to know that some of the new legends for the Xbox One version of the game include the likes of Portuguese Deco, England legend George Best and Italian madman Gennaro Ivan Gattuso (remember the punch-up against Tottenham?).
FIFA 16's new dribble control system - No Touch Dribbling, developed by motion capturing Lionel Messi. Amongst the improvements introduced by David Rutter, Executive Producer for FIFA, was a new player control mechanism called No Touch Dribbling. In the newest footage, the concept is showcased in more detail with expert insight given by four-time Ballon d'Or winner, Lionel Messi. In addition to bringing the yearly round of gameplay upgrades, FIFA 16 sees the womens' game included in the series for the first time ever as twelve female national teams make their debut. The diagram above illustrates the frustrating scenario whereby most of an opponents goals are stopped, despite it being obvious where the problem lies.
The most noticeable way that this has changed is that now players can pull out of tackles half way through and shift their momentum to trying to regain lost ground. Like cancelling a shot, you can now cancel a tackle if it looks like you're going to miss the ball. If you have ever played football in real life you will be only too aware that it is possible to attempt a slide tackle and return to your previous vertical position in less than the five crucial seconds it currently takes in FIFA 15, and this is how that has been addressed.

FIFA 16’s No Touch Dribbling feature will allow players to perform feints and change directions quickly while dribbling, without actually touching the ball. This is supposed to help attacking players trick defenders and ease their way past opponents while on the offence. Logically though, the move will be performed more effectively in the game by better skilled players. The new move makes the player temporarily let the ball stand and change in direction of the stance, thereby faking a turn in his run, but then changing back into a certain direction and going back into the ball.
Gamers and football fans will be able to weave in and out of defenders, fainting and shifting without actually making contact with the ball. A small change some might say, but it will give the offensive side of the game a more unqiue and realistic feel (or defensive if you're showing off.) EA has been using motion-capture technology to specifically replicate the movements of actual players within the game, promising to deliver the best FIFA title to date. This technology will allow players to move away from generic dribbling techniques and have their own, personal movements when in possession.
To initiate No Touch Dribbling in FIFA 16, you just need to press and hold the L1 or LB button on your controller. Once being pressed, the player with possession of the ball will momentarily step away from it to create a bit of space. From there, flick the left analog in different angles, if you are in possession of the ball, you can either twist your ankle in the hopes of tricking the defender or shift your body in that particular direction into going a way while the other player with the ball goes the other.
Combining this with some of the new defending abilities that EA Sports outlined earlier, FIFA 16 should see significant improvement in gameplay. FIFA 16 will be available on September 22nd in the United States, September 24th in the EU and Australia, and September 25th in the UK. You can get it on the XBOX One, PlayStation 4, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.
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