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You can eventually learn traits in the AI that FIFA 16 delivers

Having gotten so much of the fundamentals right over the past four or five years, FIFA's developers have the luxury of trying to introduce player emotions and reactions not just into cutscenes after an event, but during the game itself. It's a worthy first stab, and it impressed me when I saw a player stop during the action and complain to the official about being grabbed, and an opposing player exploited the lapse to drive at the goal. Players that are constantly jostled or pressed can reach a breaking point and do something rash. And as a side effect of that, I've seen more fouls called this year than before, which advances the realism of the match.
This year, Chelsea Football Club has won Barclay’s Premier league with ease, and this is not because they were an aggressive team, this is because their defense was simply immaculate. Game after game, they would prevail even against the toughest opposition, as week in week out a single player, their captain, was in charge of their defense. Most would expect someone reasonably young, and athletic to achieve such feat. However, John Terry, the man in question is nothing like the spectacular youngster that most would expect to see on the pitch.
Every year around this time, football fans are checking their calendars and fixture lists for when their team are playing their greatest rivals and potential competitors for league titles. They look towards the coming season with an air of anticipation and trepidation, wondering if their team will be able to bring home silverware and live up to expectations, or if their season will end in ultimate disappointment. For a lot of fans, the annual arrival of the season's FIFA 16 title carries many of the same hopes and fears; will it live up to expectations, will last season's deficiencies and weaknesses be fixed. Challenging for the title or simply heading for relegation? Luckily we don't have to wait half a season to answer that, we already know.

It’s nonetheless fair to wonder whether EA has gone too far in the opposite direction. Would retaining the auction system with an upper, but not lower, limit for each card not have achieved an identical result? The upside lost on critics of this move is that many cards have come down in price since the switch was made, exactly as promised. For instance, any Crystal Palace fans biding their time to purchase an in-form Yannick Bolasie card may have been unable to stretch to the 90-100,000 coins he’s been selling for over the last month or so. Now he’s suddenly much more affordable, ranging between 17-25,000 coins. That great news for new purchasers, but less wonderful for Palace fans who may have purchased the card last week when it was going for around 86,000 coins.
The TV like presentation making it into the actual game, with replays and the such, and players now having what EA have dubbed, “emotional intelligence”. A big new graphical feature, players now reacting like they would in real life to certain on-pitch activities. Unfortunately, it needs a little work. Some emotional responses are a little comical, sometimes glitchy, and don’t look as good as we’re guessing EA had hoped. But then maybe this is the problem with cross gen games? We have no doubt that in a few years graphical power will come on leaps and bounds once last gen is abandoned, as it stands it looks okay, nothing spectacular.
As far as the audio is concerned, FIFA 16 delivers. The new cheers, crowd chants, and crowd reactions steal the show in FIFA 16. They all sound so authentic and like I am listening to an actual broadcasted game. Sound effects like the ball banging off the goal frame or a powerful strike sound bang-on. It is truly a great sounding game. The latest release, "FIFA 16" is a ridiculously addictive game, a sublime sinkhole of time that will lead to friendships being forged online while relationships offline are strained to their breaking point. 
As apposed to just holding down the ‘defend’ button until your player get’s the ball back, now it takes real skill to work out what you want, and marking players is also now a challenge. As always, you can eventually learn traits in the AI that Fifa 16 delivers, but it’s more sophisticated that last years edition, and is harder to predict.
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